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I can, however, provide you with a safe place to share your story and struggle with epilepsy, post about different triggers and symptoms others should watch out for, and funny, interesting pictures without the flashing lights. We don't accept gifs, flashing lights, hate, or scary images (that's a trigger for me, and I can't be the only one). Anyone who trolls this blog with these types of images will be blocked.


New medication

Before I start, I’m going to start tagging things with #actuallyepileptic (not my idea). This is another tag that can be used for epilepsy where people don’t tag flashing gifs, so hopefully it will catch on.

I’m on a new medication called Topamax. I am also taking this with my other anti-epileptic, Lamictal. Anyone else take this med? What personal experience do you have with it?

  1. lala-loki-licious answered: I’ve taken Topamax, but it didn’t jive with me. I’m on lamictal now and It works fantastically!
  2. eighth-doctors-companion answered: I took Topamax, it gave me tremors so much it effected me badly. It wasnt for me.
  3. happinessisajourneyoflife answered: is good . I use it but I’m actually going out to an operation
  4. prettykooldame answered: I took it for a month on 25 mg. After a seizure they bumped me up to 5 mg and I completely lost my mind. It was not a good experience for me.
  5. ashlealady answered: I took topamax for about 3 weeks it made me a zombie. I was unable to do two things at once.
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